What Is a Logic Bomb Virus and How to Prevent It

What is a Logic Bomb?

A logic bomb is a form of malicious code deliberately inserted into software. It begins to act once the specific conditions are met.

As an example, the programmer can design the code so that he begins to remove attendance data once the employee is terminate. A logic bomb attack can change the date or time of devices, delete a particular record from the system, and even launch an infected software application that can cripple your device. The damage caused by a logic bomb attack can vary widely from device to device and can lead to data corruption, deletion of files, and even hard drive erasure.

How logic bombs work

Logic bombs are secretly inserted into a computer network through the use of malicious code. The code can be inserted into existing computer software or other forms of malware such as viruses, worms, or Trojans. It then remains dormant, and usually undetectable, until the trigger occurs.

Triggers can be classified as positive or negative. Logic bombs with positive triggers happen after a condition is met, such as the date of a major business event. Negative triggers set off a logic bomb when a condition is not met, What Is a Logic Bomb Virus and How to Prevent It for example an employee fails to enter the diffuse code within a certain time. Either way, when conditions get true, the Logic Bomb will explode and deal its programmed damage.

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Examples of logic bomb attacks

Hackers can hide logic bombs in computer viruses, worms, and Trojans. Logic bomb viruses can hide arbitrary code that grants remote access to your device. The moment you open the malware, What Is a Logic Bomb Virus and How to Prevent It the attacker gains access to it and can cause as much damage as they want.

Some logic bombs can be designed to take effect on a specific date or event. For example, Christmas, New Years or Independence Day. You will likely have your guard down on these days, which will make it much easier for the hacker to achieve his goals. These logic bombs can also be called time bombs.

Malicious and malicious employees could plant a logic bomb on their company’s system. This could have various effects. It may be triggered when the employee is removed from a payroll, or it may need to be deactivated daily and only by that employee, such as a dead man’s switch; or they could plant a logic bomb before leaving the workplace and demand that previous employers pay a fee for its defusing.

Hackers could use a combination of spyware and logic bombs to steal your personal information. For example, a logic bomb might secretly wait for you to launch a specific website, like your online banking. Once you do, it would trigger the launch of a keylogger, which does exactly what the name suggests. Now everything you enter, including your login details and passwords, will be sent directly to the hacker.

How to Prevent Logic Bombs

Logic bombs are evil, malicious code that can be difficult to detect. Simultaneously, you can take some preventative measures to avoid logic bomb attacks.

  1. Use reputable antivirus and keep it up to date: RAM antivirus can quickly scan and detect viruses and other malicious code that hide malicious code for a logical bomb attack. Download now for free.
  2. Avoid downloading pirated software: Do not click on suspicious links and avoid downloading software and files from questionable websites. You never know which software is hosting a computer virus or logic bomb attack.
  3. Download from reliable sources: If you are downloading free software, make sure you download it from a trusted source. Only visit websites that have a good reputation for hosting free software.
  4. Keep your operating system up to date: Updates contain the necessary versions and bug fixes that patch the device with the latest security patches and fix vulnerabilities.
  5. Stay alert on the web: As always, practice good internet behavior by being wary of suspicious links and email attachments.

Finally, train yourself and others around you to be careful about such malicious attacks. Make a habit of reporting suspicious behavior to your elders and subordinates.

This article covers the answers to some of your frequently asked questions:

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