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About us – RAM Ultimate Antivirus

We have done extensive research in cyber security. And we provide cyber security measures and protect users from the latest cyber threats. So from all this research, we have developed many cyber security products. RAM uses a hybrid combination of machine learning technology, cloud-based process monitoring, and a signature-based approach to detect antivirus vulnerabilities and provide maximum protection to computer systems.

Machine Learning technology learns and trains itself to predict the vulnerabilities through malware detection using a static feature extraction technique.

Cloud-based process monitoring continuously monitors malicious processes and uses the minimum amount of RAM and provides strong real-time protection.

The signature-based approach detects the known threats.

After researching for 8 years we have identified different kinds of virus definitions, we believe prevention is always better than cure for that our research team identified phishing and malicious websites. (Our Chrome extension to get protection from phishing and malicious websites RAM Extension


We aim at providing a high level of security against hackers and computer threats using Artificial Intelligence.

Most of the security products today are using a signature-based detection technique. So, protecting systems from cyber threats depending on the database the concerned organization have, which cannot offer Zero-day malware protection.


Our Products-

1) Ram Antivirus

2) Ram Ultimate Antivirus

3) Ram Internet Security

4) Ram Spyware Removal

5) Ram Malware Removal

6) Ram Application Scanner

7) Junkoust Cleaner


In today’s digital world Cyber Security is one of the greatest concerns for most countries. For most of the countries where the use of technology is increasing very rapidly, it is very important to keep our population protected from cybercriminals.

Our vision

Our vision is towards making the Cyber Surakshit world. To achieve this goal our incident handling team is working for the last 8 years 24/7 365 days to provide a quick response. Through our number, chat, or mail, or any other medium any person can contact our incident handling team any time if he is facing any cybersecurity-related issues in his computer and get himself protected free of cost.

Apart from that, we provide 24/7*365 days Incident handling services through which we provide an advanced level of security through remote administration.

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