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By |2021-05-05T11:33:20+05:30August 30th, 2019|RAM Virus Protection|

What is a Computer Worm? A worm is a type of malicious software (malware) that replicates itself by moving on computers, leaving copies of itself in each computer's memory on its way. Worms, unlike viruses, spread by sending


By |2021-05-05T11:33:21+05:30August 27th, 2019|RAM Virus Protection|

What is Backdoor A backdoor virus is therefore a malicious code that, by exploiting vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities of the system, is used to facilitate unauthorized remote access to a computer system or program. Like any malicious code, it


By |2021-05-05T11:33:21+05:30August 27th, 2019|RAM Virus Protection|

What is Adware If your web browser is constantly redirected to unwanted sites or if advertisements appear while you are browsing the Internet, your computer may be infected with an adware program. Adware is unwanted software designed to

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