Run at Startup

What is Boot Time Protection?

Boot Time Protection increases security when you start your computer. A startup scan is an antivirus scan that runs before the operating system has fully loaded. This allows RAM Antivirus to scan files before they are used by another program or the operating system. 

Startup viruses: These viruses attach to the system areas of your PC and become active as soon as your PC starts. They can be attached to discs or other storage devices connected to your PC. RAM Ultimate Antivirus scans the system areas of your PC to find and remove startup viruses.

RAM Antivirus offers a variety of methods for users to protect themselves from viruses, including the ability to perform a boot scan: an scan that RAM starts when you start your PC before loading other programs. By default, RAM runs at startup, but you can configure it not to do it from the RAM user interface. The method to activate execution at startup is the same regardless of the version of RAM software you use.

Enabling and disabling automatic startup of the application

Automatic startup means that RAM Antivirus Security starts immediately after the operating system starts, without user intervention. This application startup option is enabled by default.

How to disable RAM Antivirus from running at the startup?

If you don’t want RAM Antivirus to run at startup, then follow the below mentioned steps to disable the RAM Antivirus from startup.

  1. Open the RAM Antivirus.
  2. Go to the Options tab present on the Main Interface.
  3. Go to the System Settings Tab.
  4. Turn off the option of Run at startup
  5. After this close the application. RAM Antivirus will not run at the start up now.

To fully protect your computer during start up, you must configure the run at startup Protection.

Configure Run at sartup Protection

  1. Start RAM Antivirus.
  2. In the RAM main window, click Settings.
  3. In the Settings window. Turn on the option of Run at startup
  4. Then click Close.