Secure Your Network Firewall

Are you using internet on laptop or computer? Do you feel safe while browsing? If you don’t feel safe while browsing then you have to use a secured firewall network.

Get Secured with RAM Malware Removal

When you use internet on laptop, you visit some infected and unsafe link, websites. Through this infected website various types of viruses try to enter your system and damage your system. Therefore, to be secure online you have to turn on secured firewall network protection feature. If you turn off Network Firewall feature in your system then, you put your system at risk. After turning off Firewall feature, intruders and harmful applications enter into your computer from the Internet. Malicious traffic comes through internet in your system if, your firewall feature is off. When you visit some unsafe website, firewall can’t block that website as your firewall feature is off.

How to turn ON Secured Firewall Network feature in RAM Antivirus ?

  1. First you have to download RAM Antivirus from website.
  2. Click on Setting Option of RAM Antivirus.
  3. Then click on “Web Setting”.
  4. Under Web Setting, in the Firewall row, move the ON/Off switch to turn ON Firewall setting on your system.

Network Firewall is a security that checks incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic. It prevents intruders and harmful applications to enter into your computer from the Internet. RAM Internet Security allows only safe Internet connections from your computer and blocks unsafe and harmful connection from the Internet. Online Security protects system from malicious incoming traffic. Internet Security helps you to keep your computer neat and clean. Apart from that it easily block incoming viruses before they get in contact with your computer system. Protection offered by RAM Internet Security provides you one of the strong firewall setting which keep your system fully protected.

RAM Internet Security

RAM Internet Security monitor all the internet traffic for threat detection. It offers you Web Protection through its powerful firewall. RAM Internet Security prevents attacks from browsers such as phishing attacks, Network protection by providing powerful firewall shield. Operating System protection by preventing attacks from different cyber threats like malware, Ransomware, adware, Trojan, viruses. Application white-listing approach block malicious applications from execution.