Best Windows 10 Antivirus

What is Window Defender ?

The most common reason that we use the Windows 10 operating system is due to its user-friendliness. The Graphical User interface of Windows 10 makes it more attractive. When it comes to security windows defender is a computer application that is free and protects your computer from cyber threats. There are many antivirus in the market which stop windows defender. This is not good as you are using Windows Operating system. Windows Defender is having a lot of good features such as virus and threat protection, firewall and network protection, App and browser control, Exploit protection.

There are many free security software which does not have that kind of features. Attack or any kind of malicious activities, in simple words. Computer Works as antivirus and keeps your computer secure and safe. Today is computer era. and if you do not aware of the virus then there are chances of a cyber attack. It does not matter how well you manage your PC and you will also know about your PC, A single virus (malware) can do great damage.

Why Ram antivirus is Best Windows 10 Antivirus?

RAM antivirus is Best Windows 10 Antivirus. It works with Window defender which strengthens the security and protects the user from internet threats. If your computer or laptop installs any kind of software that can harm your computer, then Ram antivirus will show a message on your computer that this software is harmful. becausse The most distinguished feature of ram antivirus is that it is multitasking and consumes a very less amount of resources while scanning. a user can perform several tasks at a time such as scanning , Pc tune-up, Registry clean up with less number of Ram utilization.

Parental control helps you to protect your family from a cyber threat. safe search ensures safety environment while surfing the internet. Ram safe search protect a user from phishing website and malicious website. Real-time protection works in the background continuously and monitors incoming data enters to your computer.

Application scanner scans malicious application before installation. Whitelisting of approach sort the application in the unknown and whitelisted application. The special thing Ram antivirus have is that customer support is available 365 days 24 hour. You can call anytime chat or mail for support.

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