How to Clean Your PC using RAM Antivirus PC Cleanup?

Do you use search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing? Do you pay your bills online? Do you like surfing with free Wi-Fi? and do you like online shopping or reading online news, if you answered yes to any of these questions then you needed to be secure online from virus attacks, hackers, and ransom seekers. Some computer viruses are designed to harm your system by damaging programs, deleting files, etc. There are some viruses that slowly slow down your system performance. So to speed up your PC you need to clean your PC regularly with PC Cleanup

If your computer is infected with a virus or other malware, then it is really frustrating. So to clean your PC you need to use PC Cleanup. RAM Antivirus provides you with the best PC cleanup. PC Cleanup of RAM Antivirus is designed to clean up files to protect your privacy by cleaning up all your temporary files, prefetch files, thumbnail cache, memory dumps, windows error, etc on your computer which could also put you at risk of identity theft.

How to Clean Your PC using RAM Antivirus PC Cleanup?

  1. To clean your PC you have to download RAM Antivirus from  website.
  2. Then go to RAM Antivirus Home page.
  3. Click on “My Cleaner” option on the home page.
  4. Then you see PC Cleanup option from where you can clean your PC.

Most of the people do not have information about the temporary files in the computer. They don’t know that computer sometimes creates temporary files as you are working or surfing the internet.  Temporary files are basically created by programs on your system that needs to store big chunks of information temporarily in order to function. To get rid of these temporary files you need to use PC cleaner which cleans your temporary file. RAM Antivirus PC Cleanup cleans your temporary files, thumbnail cache, prefetch file, taskbar thumb cache and makes your computer faster.

Benefits of RAM Antivirus PC Cleanup:

Better Speed:

This is one of the big advantages of cleaning the computer; A clean computer usually runs faster than the one which has a huge amount of data and old.


The efficiency of the system increases with regular cleaning of the PC. The actual meaning of efficiency is the ability to do the certain task faster than you normally do. It shortens your PC start time.

Save money:

A good cleaned computer can save your lots of money. How?  Because cleaned computer will not cause big damage to your hardware associated with the system but if your computer is not clean then you will face the various problems.

If your computer is running very slow you need to make your PC faster. You can make computer faster with help of cleaning your computer. RAM Antivirus provides you the best PC Cleaner to clean your PC. In the market, there are several tools available to clean your PC. But you have to install separate PC cleanup tool to do this. So to avoid separate installation of the tool, you have to just download RAM Antivirus on your computer which provides you the PC cleanup along with registry cleanup and browser cleanup. You don’t need to install separate tools for it.

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